If It’s Spring, It Must Be Time For SHOT Show Hotel Scammers to Hatch

Las VegasIt seems that the warmer spring air has prompted an early hatch of hotel scammers trying to separate SHOT Show exhibitors and attendees from their money and perhaps leave them without a place to lay their head in Las Vegas.

That’s why we caution all SHOT Show attendees and exhibitors to be wary of third-party services when booking your rooms for the show. In years past we received reports of unscrupulous hotel room resellers taking payment from SHOT Show attendees and exhibitors without actually booking the rooms.

More recently, NSSF has received word that a company has attempted via email to solicit business from at least one SHOT Show attendee. In its email, the company claimed to offer “flexible cancellation” while providing “hotel direct confirmation numbers.” The SHOT Show has no affiliation whatsoever to this company.

Not booking through the SHOT Show’s official housing bureau, onPeak, can be risky. The safest way to make your SHOT Show hotel reservations is through the SHOT Show website.

We want you to have a great experience at the 2014 SHOT Show and the surest way to start down that path is to deal only with official SHOT Show partners. If you are booking a block of more than 20 rooms, onPeak can help you manage that efficiently.

If you are contacted and receive a similar email or phone call, we ask that you please report it to NSSF’s legal department at jyue@nssf.org. And if you ever have any doubt about anyone contacting you on behalf of NSSF or SHOT Show, contact us right away.

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