The Value of Trade Shows – Guest Blog from Timothy Schneider, Publisher, Association News

Appointment-only and reverse trade shows have grown demonstrably in popularity of late. Though these types of events have their place and can seem to be more cost-effective, the traditional trade-show format has inherent value that no other format does. As both an exhibitor at and organizer of trade shows, Timothy Schneider offers a well-rounded perspective and outlines three reasons why traditional trade-show exhibits help bridge gaps between customers and exhibitors.

The Value of Trade Shows, by Timothy Schneider

Attending, exhibiting at or sponsoring a trade show or conference can involve significant expense. In the past year, our company participated in a total of 50 different trade shows and conferences. When staff and travel expense is factored in, this level of live-event marketing can quickly dwarf the expense of the other forms of marketing our company utilizes.

In recent years, there’s been tremendous growth in the number of live-event marketing opportunities in practically every segment of the economy. There’s also been an increase in the number of appointment-only and reverse trade shows. In our experience, both as an exhibiting company and as an organizer of trade shows, we believe there’s a value in adding components to live events that help facilitate deal making. However, we also believe that the traditional trade-show format provides value that no other format can.

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