SHOT Show Hotel Rooms Going, Going …

Las VegasAt the Exhibitor Academy we held last month in Las Vegas, our partners at ConvExx tipped us off to the status of hotel rooms available for the 2016 SHOT Show. That tip came down to one fine point: hotel rooms are filling up at an unprecedented rate.

Now, I know many of you will read this and say, “Sure this is what they told us last year, but I got my hotel room booked just fine.” Indeed, that was true for all 65,000 attendees of last year’s show. What you didn’t hear about was the number of people who didn’t get rooms or ended up booking far away from the show because they failed to heed our alerts and tried to book too late.

According to Jeff Pressman, President at ConvExx, the days spanning Jan. 18-22, which cover Industry Day at the Range (held the day before the show) and the entirety of SHOT Show, at least two other trade shows of significant size are also taking place in Las Vegas. This means that, just like last year, literally every hotel room available in the Las Vegas metro area will be spoken for during this time.

Learning this bit of information when we did, we took a quick look at the block of rooms NSSF reserves at various hotels in the area and found that two were already completely booked—in June. Even our headquarter hotels, the Venetian and Palazzo, are more than 50 percent booked, double the booking rate for the same time last year. And we still have more than six months to go before the show. Anyone want to take bets on how many of those reservations were made by those who couldn’t get a room last year?

Bottom line here is that we are strongly encouraging everyone planning on attending the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas to book their rooms now. As we do every year, NSSF has reserved blocks of rooms across various hotels near the Sands Expo Center, including rooms at NSSF’s headquarters hotel, the Venetian and Palazzo. The available hotels represent a wide variety of price points so that everyone’s budget and preferences can be accommodated. A full listing of hotels is available at, along with links to the Venetian and Palazzo booking page and those to all other currently available hotels NSSF has negotiated discounted prices with via its housing partner onPeak. You’ll also find a link to Frequently Asked Questions, an online contact form for onPeak and travel discount codes for Delta Airlines and Dollar Rent A Car.

If you have any questions, call Venetian/Palazzo at 866-580-1198 (U.S.) or 702-414-4100 and onPeak at 800-388-8104.

Chris Dolnack is Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Follow him on Twitter at @ChrisDolnack.

Update Concerning Lodging, Travel Reservations

Every year at about this time, unscrupulous poachers emerge. These poachers are hotel or third-party housing agencies unaffiliated with the SHOT Show and can be very tricky in the way they present themselves. That’s why we caution all SHOT Show attendees and exhibitors to be wary of third-party services when booking your rooms for the show. In past years, we heard reports of hotel room resellers taking payment from SHOT Show attendees and exhibitors without actually booking the rooms, leaving attendees without a place to lay their head in Las Vegas.

In fact, we’ve received word that several companies, including Exhibitor Housing Services (EHS), Room Connections and Wholesale Travel Planners, are all fraudulently soliciting SHOT Show attendees.

The SHOT Show provides two sources for special hotel room opportunities; one is direct with the Venetian/Palazzo, and the other is through onPeak, the official housing partner of the SHOT Show and the service provider directly linked to the SHOT Show website for all hotels besides the Venetian/Palazzo.

Booking with onPeak or Venetian/Palazzo guarantees you a room and guarantees you room rate protection.  So you never have to worry about having a room or paying too much for it.

The Venetian/Palazzo and onPeak are the only two entities authorized to contact SHOT attendees regarding hotel rooms, and the SHOT Show requires each communication to be pre-approved and branded with the official SHOT Show logo. Do not respond to any other related communication you may receive.

We want you to have a great experience at the 2014 SHOT Show and the surest way to start down that path is to apply for your credentials and book your rooms early. If you are booking a block of more than 20 rooms, onPeak can help you manage that efficiently.

Diedra Cauley is the senior director of exhibitions and conferences for the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Follow her on Twitter at @dcauley.

Staying at Venetian, Palazzo Offers Ultimate SHOT Show Convenience

The daily commute to and from the SHOT Show® can be as simple as taking the elevator.

The Venetian and Palazzo hotels offer attendees and exhibitors a prime location, one that provides them with an easy route to their rooms after a long day at the show — not to mention the wide variety of restaurants and entertainment all under the same roof.

Rooms are going fast, so make your reservations today at the Venetian or Palazzo.

Search Available Rooms | Hotel & Travel Information

Take Advantage of SHOT Show Rates at Venetian, Palazzo Hotels

The Venetian and Palazzo hotels offer SHOT Show attendees a prime location, one that provides them with an easy walk to and from the show each day.

SHOT Show management has negotiated the lowest rates for your stay at the 2011 SHOT Show’s headquarter hotels.

Rates begin at $229 plus tax, on a first-come, first-served basis.

You now can make your reservation requests for those hotels online or by calling 866-587-4708.

Search Available Rooms | Hotel & Travel Information


Deadline is Dec. 1 to Secure SHOT Show Room Rates

As a reminder to everyone planning to attend the show, be sure to make your reservations and get your deposits in for hotel rooms by Dec. 1.

After that, SHOT Show room rates are subject to change. Reservations are subject to hotel availability.

Hotel rates are currently available for as low as $40 per night through the SHOT Show Travel Desk.

Log on to the SHOT Show Travel Desk for full details and to make reservations.